Race Calendar

I run races for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s an excuse to get out, meeting fellow runners, learning a thing or two and just having a blast exploring new trails. When it comes to running, I’m definitely a late bloomer. Every step, every run, every race feels an adventure and I continue to be amazed how resilient the human body really is. Besides, I love aid stations in races, since that lets me cover big distances without having to backpack! :) Here’s my race calendar starting from my very first run in 2012, the San Francisco Half Marathon.


  • 08/08 – Skyline 50K
  • 07/26 – San Francisco Marathon
  • 06/20 – Double Dipsea
  • 05/02 – Miwok 100K
  • 04/04 – American River 50M
  • 03/14 – Marin Ultra Challenge 50K – 5:41, 12th in age group
  • 02/07 – Sean O’Brien 50K – 5:59:52, 6th in age group
  • 01/24 – Coyote Hills Half Marathon – 1:36 and 6th in age group






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