Un-learning to Run

Unlearning to Run

From barely running to racing barefoot

From couch potato to running 30 miles/week in less than a year - this book is for late bloomers, busy adults and professionals that are beginning to run, want to learn how to run without injuries, but don't know where to begin.

On the wrong side of 40, Kowsik's book got me reenergized about my running goals. It's both an excellent motivator and a great field guide for those who want to learn, unlearn or relearn the art of running
- Ben Kepes, Technology Commentator and Runner
I am so glad Kowsik found a way to fight mid-life crisis with barefoot running. The added bonus is that my shoe budget has since doubled
- My Wife
What I like about this book is the "How to take care of yourself" information. Kowsik has put this in the easiest format for everyone to understand
- Monica Maze, Ultramarathoner, Tough Mudder
Cracking read by the way. The exercises have become a morning ritual.
- Chris Seaton, Newbie Runner
We are so proud of our Dad and enjoy the awkward silence when we tell our friends that he doesn't wear shoes when he's running
- My Kids
Kowsik's book is wonderfully entertaining, fast read, and a great reminder to always remain curious and experiment with my own runs, and have a lot of fun with it
- Rita Sancheti, Marathoner
Un-learning to Run


Eight techniques focusing on posture, proprioception and running economy to help your running become effortless, injury-free and fun.



A set of workouts and exercises you can perform throughout the day to improve your posture, proprioception, strength, agility and core so you can run faster and longer.



Natural home remedies to heal seven common running injuries that beginner runners typically encounter. In addition to keeping vampires away, garlic is an amazing anti-inflammatory.


Un-learning to Run eBook

The eBook includes:

  • Learning how to run
  • Workouts when you are beginning to run
  • Barefoot running style
  • Proper Treadmill Running
  • Proper Running Technique
  • Cross Training
  • Interval training
  • Running your first race
  • Trail running and hill climbing
  • Proper running techniques