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Finishing the San Francisco Half Marathon

San Francisco Marathon

After many years of sedentary living (I work on computers), not really paying attention to my body and turning 40, the inevitable happened. I tore my ligament on my right ankle playing soccer with the kids. I love the outdoors and much as I was a weekend warrior, this put me out of commission. After waiting for the injury to heal, trying out orthotics and limping around for a few months, I noticed something curious. I felt stable and my ankles didn’t roll (I’ve sprained my ankle many times) when my feet were closer to the ground.

And December 2011, the year I turned 40, I decided to do something about getting back to an active life style, fix my ever rising cholesterol and the incessant threat of diabetes. Running felt like a fun thing to do and I was especially attracted by the lack of gear. All it took was moving your legs and propelling your body forward. I was hooked!

So began an experiment where my body was the guinea pig. I gave up meat and dairy and started running all at the same time. And my first painful, miserable run lasted 10 minutes with 3 minutes of walking interspersed in it. Six months later, I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon barefoot and finished 1:52 minutes. This put me in the top 10% of all those that ran the half marathon. But this wasn’t without confusion, injuries, curiosity, exploration, frustration, experimentation, etc. along the way. This blog is a chronicle of what I went through, documenting my passion for running and healthy eating. One of my first blogs, After 4 months of barefoot running, is when I started writing about my journey. Since then, some of the highlights are the Big Basin 50K (my first ultra) and Lake Sonoma 50M (my first 50 miler), both of which I ran in Luna Sandals.

I’d love to hear your story on running. You can find me on most social networks if you want to connect with me: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

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