2021 Ultra #7 – 50K For Robert Rhodes

When I first started venturing into trail running 10 years ago, I was exploring various routes around the Bay Area and came across BayTrailRunners. I met Robert Rhodes around 2014 and joined one of his group runs at Windy Hill. It comes as a shock that cancer got to him so aggressively and he passed away this week. These 30 something miles at Golden Gate Park (4 laps in and around the park) is to honor him. Here’s my Strava Activity:

Robert Rhodes

Rob was a permanent fixture in the Bay Area running community. With his recent pursuit as a race director as well as bringing Trails in Motion Film Festival to the Bay Area, he was a constant presence. One my favorite memories with him was running the Coastal Marin 50K. Not a race, but more of an adventure run. After meeting at the south end of Golden Gate bridge, he would shuttle us to Olema and we would run 34ish miles back to the car crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at the end.

Más Locos
Más Locos
Rob Rhodes
“If you are going to try an FKT, please don’t”

I met all these amazing folks from various walks of lives through Rob. After 34 miles together, frolicking in the hills has created such lasting friendships. Rob’s 4th from the left.

More recently I bumped into Rob at the 2019 Headlands Marathon (he was running the 100 miler). Rob was an incredibly kind soul, an amazing human being and a good friend. He will be missed. RIP Rob. I’m honored to have shared a few trail runs with you over the last few years.

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