Mother’s Day Dinner – A Sushi Cookout

A couple of days late to post this, but I had so much fun doing this sushi cookout for Mother’s Day dinner, that I figured I’ll jot some notes down maybe for another time. We made Miso Soup (with freshly made tofu, bought from the farmer’s market), Tamagoyaki (or Japanese Omelette) and all kinds of Sushi Rolls (some vegan and some not). With 4 cups of sushi rice to feed 6 (grand parents are visiting too!), this was quite the feast and it took about 2 hours of prep + fun to pull this off. Lots of left overs too.

Mother’s Day Dinner

I first made about 4 cups of Dashi Stock and in parallel started cooking about 4 cups of Sushi Rice. When the Dashi Stock was done, used 1/2 cup of it to mix with 5 eggs to make Tamagoyaki, or Japanese Omelette. Second time around, this was a piece of cake. I also halved the total amount of sugar and used coconut sugar instead of refined sugar. My 11yo, the egg lover, gave a definite thumbs up when it was done.

Mother's Day DinnerOnce I prepped the Dashi Stock, the 11yo sliced the tofu and the green onions, brought the broth to a boil, added in the Organic Miso Paste and the freshly made tofu to bring the Miso Soup to perfection. The soon to be 13yo, now a junior (intermediate?) sushi chef did pretty much all the work of layering in the rice on the Nori Sheets, adding in the ingredients and making both inside-out and outside-in Maki rolls. Here are the various rolls we made with some notes and comments:

  • Bamboo shoots with pickled vegetables
  • Tamagoyaki Rolls (this went by quick with the kids!)
  • Inside-out avocado + pine nuts with the outside rolled in roasted sesame seeds and crumbled nori (on second thought, macadamia nuts might’ve worked better than pine)
  • Inside-out avocado + smoked salmon (didn’t have time to by cream cheese)
  • Bamboo shoots + Okara with a little splash of Sriracha across the roll

I was originally slated to run the QuickSilver 50K on Saturday, but had to DNS (did not show) since I came down with a nasty cold/fever on Wednesday and barely recovered in time for the race. I can tell you this. Cooking up this feast for Mother’s Day dinner got me a whole lot more brownie points than racing the 50K and being all sore and grumpy on Sunday! 🙂

Hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day dinner too!

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