How to Replace the ATS Laces on Luna Sandals

A couple of weeks ago, I was out on a run with my Luna Sandals on a beautiful bay area Sunday morning. I was probably about 8 miles out from home, tackling some gravel on the Bay Trail, when the ATS laces on my right sandal broke. I had just 6 days to go before the Berkeley Trail Adventure 50K and was pretty bummed. I ran back home barefoot, hanging on to my sandals in my hands. The only backup I had was a crufty old, beaten up Luna Originals that has a hole where a rock tore through it. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to running a 50K on those.

Replacing the ATS Laces

Priority MailI posted a note on Facebook with a picture of the sandals, saying, ‘The word “busted” comes to mind. Dear Luna Sandals, please help! Got a 50K run in a week.‘ Within a couple of hours Barefoot Ted replied saying that I just needed to send them in for repair and they could turn around pretty quick. I typed up a quick letter explaining the situation and went to the post office on Monday morning. Priority Mail from the bay area to seattle was $5.60 that included $50 insurance and they could get the package out to the Luna Monkeys in two days. I also included a check for $25 to get the ATS laces replaced. Here’s the address to send it to:

Luna Sandals
1108 19th Ave E. Suite B
Seattle, WA 98112

luna-sandalsI called their customer support on Wednesday and while USPS tracking said they had it, the Luna Monkeys hadn’t quite gotten to it yet. I was getting anxious by this time, but Thursday afternoon I get an email from the Luna Monkeys with a tracking code for an overnight package. Score! Friday morning, I had my sandals back with a spanking new ATS laces on them. I wore them pretty much the whole day trying to break them in as much as I could. I even had bandaids on for the first 2 or 3 miles of the 50K, just in case I got blisters from the new ATS laces, but nope. They were gentle on my feet and felt like I didn’t really have to break them in.

Luna Sandals customer support FTW!

Have you had to replace the ATS laces? What was your experience?

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