Charity Run – The San Francisco Double Marathon

It’s official, I’m nuts. About running, that is. And YOLO and all that, I voluntarily registered for the 2017 San Francisco Double Marathon and have chosen to raise $1,000 dollars for the Move for Hunger team. Here’s some rationale (I know not everyone thinks that running 52.4 miles is a rational act) behind it. For the running bit, it was really about taking my ultra running experience and using it for a cause. The novelty of two back to back marathons was there too. About a 100 of us leave the finish line at midnight and run the course in reverse. We rest up until the waves begin and then turn around and run the regular marathon along with the rest of the crowd. I will have two of my buddies running their first marathon. which means great company for the second 26.2. The picture below was from 2015 when I PR’d the single San Francisco Marathon in 3:32.

Another marathon, done!

With regards to charity: As a family, we volunteer a fair bit all around the year. Looking back, the decision to join the Move for Hunger team started this past Thanksgiving, when the Mountain View Police Department had organized a food drive (19th Cops and Gobblers Event) to package and drop off food trays for low income families in our neighborhood. These families had no idea they had been selected! My younger son and I drove around to these families’ houses to drop off the food trays and it absolutely made their day (and ours!) knowing they had all the ingredients for an amazing dinner up ahead.

It’s pretty scary that over 5 million California residents are food insecure with over 22% of those in need being childrenMove For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with relocation companies across North America to pick up unwanted, unopened food from those who are relocating and deliver it to local food banks. Personally, after having done the food drop, I can tell you there’s a tremendous need for this.


So please donate whatever you can (starting with $5.24) to help me get past a $1,000. Thanks!

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