The Scary Part of Endorphin Withdrawal

After I ran the Golden Hills Marathon, immediately followed by the Coastal Marin 50K just a week later, I decided to take a break from running for a week. And then after s short loop around work this past Monday, I’ve pretty much been down with the Flu for most of this week. I think it’s the longest in a while since I’ve shied away from running. Maybe it’s the napping-induced hallucination or going through boxes of Kleenex or the non-caffeinated herbal tea – I’m definitely feeling the effects of endorphin withdrawal.

Endorphin Withdrawal

Pumpkin Run

Photo courtesy Mullica Hill Mom

The first week, I was tired and sore which I suppose, is understandable. But that following weekend, I could hear my brain starting to make excuses. “Oh the kids have sports, gotta drive them around” or “it’s too cold out in the morning”. Endorphin Withdrawal, also known as the Blerch Syndrome, is apparently in full effect. My original plan was to get back on hill repeats this week in anticipation of the Mt. Tam 50K which has a nice ~6,800ft elevation gain/loss. But right now, just looking at the neighborhood hills is making me tired. Of course, it could very well be the sneeze fits that I’m going through or the most I’ve sat around in a given length of time.

The worst part of not running is the scary thoughts that the brain sends out about gorging on food. The endorphin highs keeps the food intake at check. But after just 3 years of running, it’s so easy to revert back to the old ways. I can hear myself say, “I’ll just burn it off”. I’m flying solo next week with my wife out of town. It’s going go be one scary Halloween week as I valiantly attempt to find time for a run.

How do you deal with not running while sick?