Trails in Motion: Coming to Sunnyvale, CA

The Trails in Motion Film Festival is coming to the Bay Area on Aug 7th and 14th – specifically Sunnyvale’s Sports Basement. Robert Rhodes from Bay Trail Runners (I ran the Coastal Marin 50K with him) has partnered with Go Trail Media and will be hosting this awesome collection of films and documentaries about trail running. I missed the last one in San Francisco (weekday commute up to the city from south bay is terrible), so pretty excited to be able to attend this one.

Trails in Motion Film Festival

From their web site:

Our objective is to not only capture the true spirit of trail running through the screening of high quality short films and documentaries, but ultimately develop an exciting social and visual experience for everyone who shares a connection with the trail and a deep appreciation for the creative expression of others.

The Trails in Motion Film Festival includes these short films: Trails and Tribulations, GR20 Record – Emelie Lecomte, Race Across The Sky, White Sherpa, Mountain Runner, Zion Traverse, The Most Beautiful Thing as well as the following documentaries: Running The Edge (Scott Jaime), In The High Country (Anton Krupicka), An Endurance Life (Sébastien Chaigneau) and 5 Races 5 Continents (Salomon Running Season 2011).

Register with Ultra Signup for $12/person or it’s $15/person at the door. I am super excited to be there with my family on August 7th and hope to meet many of the south bay trail runners there. Don’t miss out on this unique event. Doors open at 6pm.

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