Proper Running Form – Duct Tape, Wallets and Oil Change

Proper Running FormProper running form is so important to injury free running, that we sometimes overlook this as we focus on pace, endurance, races, miles/week, etc. I’ve written about proper running form before, but it’s more than just running. Paying attention to how we carry ourselves through each day plays an important role in helping us with how we run. Most of us non-elite runners, spend majority of our times doing non-running things (like sitting on our butts in front of a computer for extended periods of time), and this plays a huge role in proper running form.

Proper Running Form

I noticed this a while back and I am glad to have caught it. Every 2 to 3 months, I’ll come back from a trail run to discover that one of my calves is really tight. When this happens, I simply call my chiropractor and literally ask for an oil change. It turns out that my back gets a little misaligned after the repeated pounding during training runs (especially downhills). A couple of cracks to the back later, it’s like putting humpty dumpty back together again. My calf soreness goes away until it’s time for the next oil change.

Duct Tape Wallet - BackAnd the most important thing that I did to help with my proper running form? Ditch the habit of sticking my wallet into my back pocket while I’m driving or working. I first switched to only using the wallet insert with just the basics (and carrying it in my front pocket): a couple of credit cards, driver’s license, proof of insurance and a small amount of emergency cash. But my 12yo made me something even cooler. A custom wallet made from duct tape. It’s so awesome! Nice thing about this wallet is even if it breaks, it’s easy to patch. 🙂 Even has a cut out in the back for the driver’s license!


What other tips do you have to improve proper running form?

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