Bay Area Trail Running – Wunderlich Park

Wunderlich Park is in Woodside, adjacent to Huddart Park and connects at the top via a 5 mile stretch on Skyline Trail. Until you get to the higher points of the park, the parks feel very different, though Wunderlich Park has redwoods, open meadows, beautiful oaks and madrones. With the Woodside Ramble 35K run earlier this year, I made it all the way to Bear Gulch, the turn-around point before I had to head back out to Huddart Park. So it was fun to see the rest of the route that make up the 50K run.

Wunderlich Park

Wunderlich Park offers numerous trails, some for horseback riding and hiking, and some for just hiking. Trails run along gulches and creeks, others traverse unique hillside habitats and lead you to breathtaking views of the countryside. With over 900 acres of land available to explore, you could spend quite a few hours here. One downside is you got to watch for the horses (and their poop) on certain trails that are equestrian friendly. 🙂

I ran this on a Sunday morning and was a little surprised to see that there weren’t many people on the trails. A couple of horses and trail runners and a few more hikers on my way down. Just be aware that parking is limited in this park. This run is a bit on the strenuous side with a total elevation gain of 2,951 feet over 12.1 miles. This includes the 2 mile out and back on Skyline Trail. The route itself is pretty straightforward going up (mostly) on Bear Gulch Trail and then coming back down on Alambique Trail with a short stretch on Skyline Trail.

  • Start of Bear Gulch Trail
    Start of Bear Gulch Trail

Here’s the route:

  • Bear Gulch Trail
  • Alambique Trail (right)
  • Skyline Trail (out and back)
  • Alambique Trail (at the crossroads)

Have you run in Wunderlich Park? What’s your favorite route?

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